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Couplings suction hose

We have a complete program of couplings for industrial vacuum trucks (vacloaders) and material transportation. The system is used to build a line of fixed pipes or hoses. The couplings are easy to handle, wearable and light.
The couplings are designed for vacuum, but work well also for up to 7 bars (100 PSI) pressure. Manufactured in surface-treated steel with high wear resistance. Available from 3″ up to 10″. For 3″ the locking ring for 4″ is used and for 5″ the locking ring for 6″ is used.

Tykoflex (M42) couplings is a complete range of quick couplings for safe and speedy handling of pipes and hose systems. The couplings are produced in several dimensions and are available in the following materials:
• Aluminium
• Stainless steel
• Galvanised steel

The construction makes the couplings extremely user-friendly. It guarantees total tightness for both pressure and vacuum and can be used for anything that can be pumped, blown, pressed or sucked through pipes and hoses. Maximum working pressure: Liquids 12.5 bar. Compressed air 8 bar. Vacuum-tight.

TW couplings have a robust design and are commonly used for transportation of petroleum products and other chemicals. Made of in aluminum, brass or stainless steel.

Kamlock is one of the most common quick and secure couplings on the market. Can be used for water, oil, gas and chemical hoses. Used for both pressure and vacuum. If you are looking for other dimensions and/or materials, please contact AquaTeq.

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