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High Performance Nozzles


To efficiently remove and transport loose material in pipes, such as sand, gravel, stones, and sludge by using the power from a jetting truck some things are required:

  • Sufficient capacity of the high-pressure pump in relation to the pipe size to be cleaned.
  • Efficient, high performing cleaning nozzle that can convert the power from the jetting truck into strong water jets. The water jets in the nozzle must be able to increase the water velocity in the pipe to be able to transport the material.

 The proper choice of cleaning nozzle for above task is a high-performing - Tier 3 (USA) or Tier 4 nozzle (European). The proper choice of nozzle result in a water- and cost-saving operation with low environmental impact. The inner design of these types of cleaning nozzles minimizes turbulent flows in the nozzle, resulting in longer and stronger water jets.

 What needs to be considered when deciding what cleaning nozzle to use?

  • Choose a cleaning nozzle with fewer rear water jets, at a lower jet angle. Nozzles with higher rear jet angles is not as efficient transporting material in pipe. In addition, a high angled nozzle needs higher pressure to thrust up the pipe, meaning the jetting truck needs to work at higher engine RPM, resulting in higher fuel costs and more wear and tear of the unit.
  • Do not use one or several front jets if not called for.
  • High-performing cleaning nozzles (Tier 3 or 4) can keep the thrusting rear jets together stronger and further behind the nozzle. This allow lower rear jet angle, while the jets are still being able to reach out all the way to pipe wall, before turning into mist.
  • Select a cleaning nozzle which is designed for the pipe size to be cleaned.
  • Assure your supplier of cleaning nozzle has the skill to adapt nozzle to your jetting truck capacity, hose size and length as well as pipe size. They must take into consideration the hose line loss when jetting the nozzle for your jetting unit. (Note not all jetting units are the same)

By investing in the right cleaning nozzle for the job, big money will be saved. Less usage of water. Less usage of fuel, due to lower rpm on jetting truck. The investment will also, in a straightforward way decrease your environmental impact.

We at AquaTeq® have several highly efficient traction cleaning nozzles such as BL SWIPER®, JAWS®, C-RAY®, MANTA® and GOBLIN®.

We at AquaTeq® are happy to guide and assist you towards the best solution for your project.

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