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  • Public announcement

    Public announcement

    Dear customer, We are pleased to announce that AquaTeq® has recently been acquired by enz®, a leading global manufacturer and supplier of high-quality cleaning tools for drain and industrial cleaning. enz® and AquaTeq® have a long history of cooperation. We...

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  • Ejectors


    Suction ejectors The function of an ejector is based on using an assisting medium at a high speed that creates a negative pressure which drags material along. The most common media used in our industry are water and air. The...

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  • Flushing Efficiency - When 1 + 1 Becomes 3

    Flushing Efficiency - When 1 + 1 Becomes 3

    What does the word efficiency entail when it comes to cleaning pipes, regarding wastewater and stormwater? Looking at the word efficiency in general, it’s usually explained by:Efficiency - Taking care of a specific matter in the correct way, means doing...

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  • Nozzles Tier 2 (Advanced)

    Nozzles Tier 2 (Advanced)

    We have previously explained the difference between the different nozzle classes. Today we will dig a bit deeper in some of our Tier 2 nozzles. Class 2 or Tier 2 as it is called internationally is, as you know, a...

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  • Never underestimate a toilet!

    Never underestimate a toilet!

    More than half of the world's population (4.2 billion people) lack safe, hygienic sanitation. Globally, at least 2 billion people use a source of drinking water that is contaminated with feces. This in turn leads to diarrheal diseases, a direct...

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  • Clogs and ice blockages in pipes

    Clogs and ice blockages in pipes

    Ice blockages of water pipes can be challenging work. Mainly because there are often occurred in pipes with smaller diameter and the distance for nozzle to travel, pulling the hose, could be great. We therefore wanted to present this topic...

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  • Moving Material in Pipe Efficiently!

    Moving Material in Pipe Efficiently!

    How do we most effectively remove loose material, such as sand, stone, and sludge, in pipe using pressurized water? To understand the mission, we must state "What is the mission?". Simply described, it is a TRANSPORT ASSIGNMENT! We shall move...

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