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AquaTeq® theory & practice


AquaTeq® offers training courses where theory is combined with practice. The training course is normally one day where theoretical knowhow is consolidated and proven through practical demonstrations.

Main objective of the training course:

To be able to clean sewer and stormwater pipes safely and efficiently with the right tool for each individual job, combined with basic knowledge of the relationship between the truck, the pump, the hose, and the nozzle. 

During the training course, important parameters are highlighted that everybody working with pipe cleaning should be aware of!

  • What are the specifications of your jetting truck?
  • Does it work with clean water or recycled water?
  • What pump capacity?
    • Maximum water flow
    • Max pressure
  • What hose size and hose length?
  • What regulates the water flow?
  • What regulates the pressure?

We state “The system starts where you think it ends™” - at the cleaning nozzle. To facilitate and simplify the understanding of the different working areas and the efficiency of different pipe cleaning nozzles, we have classified them into four groups - Tier 1 to 4. The difference between the Tiers is described and finally proven by practical demonstrations.

Important parameters are presented that you should know to be able to clean efficiently, reduce costs and minimize environmental impact.

The following questions are explained:

  • What has the greatest impact on the result?
  • How do we clean effectively at the lowest cost with the least environmental impact?
  • What is the optimal working pressure at the cleaning nozzle or the cutter?
  • What is the main task for a cleaning nozzle?
  • How do we create the best cleaning power?
  • What do you need to check on a regular basis to obtain safe, efficient, and cost saving pipe cleaning?

Contact us at AquaTeq® and we will be happy to tell you more about how you and your team can work safely, more efficiently and save money - every day!


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