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About us


AquaTeq® was founded 1986, but our roots in the business goes back to the end of the 1960th. At that point one of the founders of AquaTeq®, owned and worked as a pipe cleaning contractor. The other founder was just a little girl amazed by the jetting trucks, that from time to time, was parked outside her house.

The cleaning nozzles of that time were inefficient, and we therefore started to develop our own, to become better and faster than the competition.

With time our passion for development, the need for effectiveness and increased knowhow has led to several new products. Some so unique that they have been patented. Many in the business recognize our products JAWS®, BL SWIPER®, C-RAY® and LUMBERJACK®.

Constant development is in our blood system and one of our main cores. Curiosity together with the knowledge collected during the past 55 years working in and with the industry, means that we supply our customers with the right product for every job. We deliver among the best products in the industry, correctly set up according to the technical specifications of the jetting truck. When our customer needs live check-up, we go on site with the customer to assure optimal set-up with regards to the jetting truck working area and technical specifications, including pump capacity, hose size and length, truck rpm and much more. Being able to operate the truck at the correct rpm in view of wear and tear and diesel consumption saves our customers a lot of money. This, together with a properly adapted high performing cleaning nozzle or cutter, our customers will have the best conditions to save money and our common resources.


We often and gladly work with our customers on how to operate our products for the best results, both regarding time needed in pipe as well as minimizing total water consumption and diesel.


Many of our products have been developed from ideas and wishes from our customers. These are processes we embrace and cherish. The FLEXSYSTEM® and the MANTA® are examples of good co-operation and sharing experiences, needs and knowhow.

Education has been a part of our program close to 40 years. The training course is normally one day and at the customer site, where theoretical knowhow of cost-effective pipe cleaning gets confirmed and proven through practical tests. 

If you want to know more what we at AquaTeq® can do for you, your team, and your company – just send an email or give us a call!


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