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Penetrating Nozzles


Nozzles used for opening blockages or remove obstructions all have some type of front jet(s).  It can be a "regular clog" caused by buildup of sludge, hair, grease or similar in the pipe or larger stones or foreign objects preventing the flow in the pipe. When the flow slows down even more material get built up and can result in an emergency. If a pipe has a dip this can also create a blockage.

On the market you find many different nozzles that are designed to open clogs or remove obstructions. From simpler Tier 1 nozzles with drilled jet holes both for thrusting rear jets and supplied with one or more forward jets. These simpler nozzles have the poorest efficiency but are usually a good choice in smaller pipes where more advanced nozzles can’t be used due to their size.

With a Tier 2 nozzle, the efficiency increases as these have replaceable jet inserts instead of drilled jet holes directly into the nozzle body (Tier 1). Replaceable jet inserts or orifices offer a better adaptation of the nozzle to the pump capacity of the jetting truck. Some of our nozzles have the possibility of four front jets, such as the MULTI-GLOBAL®, Pointed Nozzle, Fir®Pointed and GLOBAL ™ SP.

The MASTER DRILL ™, also a Tier 2 nozzle, is supplied with one front jet that "rotates", which means that the front nozzle opens a larger area in front of the nozzle.

Tier 3 nozzles for blockages are highly efficient because the water directing design inside the nozzle, which greatly reduces pressure losses inside the nozzle when water flows through. This gives more power at the nozzle at a lower cost since the truck can operate at a lower rpm and still reach a good working pressure at the nozzle. In our portfolio our series of GOBLIN® cleaning nozzles offer different versions with one or several front jets. The series, starting with ½” hose thread up to 1-1/4” hose thread, they are suitable in pipe sizes from 100 mm (4”) up to 800 mm (32”). GOBLIN®L has the option of four front jets. 

In addition to the above, which we usually call fixed nozzles or standard nozzles, also rotating nozzles can be used. When cleaning standing pipes many of our customers use BL SPINNER® with 45-degree water jets rotating forward. The nozzle is then normally lowered down from the top of the pipe.  For all types of clogs and obstructions, there are several different slow-rotating nozzles to be found in our range. WARTHOG®WV, rotates faster than many other slow-rotating nozzles, but is commonly used on 1/4"” hose and in pipe sizes between 50 mm (2”) up to 100 mm (4”). WARTHOG®WT, WARTHOG®CLASSIC, WARTHOG®MAGNUM and WARTHOG®SWITCHER is used with 3/8” hose up to 1-1/4" hose. The above products cover pipe sizes from 100 mm (4”) and up.  

We are happy to assist to solve your clogged pipe problems.

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