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Suction aid products

  • Angled 2" suction pipe

    Stainless steel pipe to be used e.g. to facilitate emptying of oil drums. The pipes are made in different lengths with either 2″ male or female con...

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  • Ejector

    By using the ejector in combination with a suction unit, the field of operation and the capacity can increase. The ejector either runs by water or ...

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  • Grip claw

    The Grip claw is a ground breaking safety tool for the industry. The easy to use mechanism enables to clamp onto hoses or pipes easily without dama...

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  • Pipe Plug

    Pipe plugs is an inflatable plug, that is used to temporary stop the waterflow in pipelines, such as sewer & storm lines.   Available in many d...

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  • Sludge ejector

    Light and flexible ejector for easy suction of water and lighter materials, using water under pressure from a jetting unit. 1¼″ connection to sucti...

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