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Ejector Nozzles


Ejector nozzles, also called Venturi nozzles, are normally used to remove sand, gravel, stones, clay, etc in water filled pipes.  A conventional ejector cleaning nozzle must be completely covered by water during the operation, to enable the ejector function to work.

In addition to the water supplied by the jetting truck, an ejector nozzle also uses the water in the pipe, to move the material. A normal cleaning nozzle usually does not have enough power to increase the speed of the water in a pipe filled with water. The result is kind of a mixer, meaning the material in the pipe is more whipped around than pushed downstream.

A classic ejector nozzle consists of one or more large ejector pipes, where the water from the jetting truck enters in the center of the ejector pipe or in a circle on the inside of the ejector pipe, with several jets. The disadvantage with these types of designs, is that the water from the jetting truck is more or less directed straight to the back. This means that the classic ejector nozzles are not able to remove material on the sides of the ejector nozzle. If material is hardly packed the straight angle will make it difficult to break the material loose.

With the investment of a BL SWIPER® high effective cleaning nozzle, you not only get an excellent performing nozzle to remove sand, gravel, stones, and sludge in pipes with little or no water, but also an efficient ejector nozzle. BL SWIPER® work efficiently also when the pipe is only half full of water.

Thanks to the water jets being angled slightly out towards the pipe as it leaves the nozzle, the BL SWIPER® is able to break up the hard packed material.

Watch our YouTube video where a large BL SWIPER® was used in a pipe by a fjord in Norway. The pipe was 1400 mm (56”) completely filled with water. Material filling was 70%. The customer had used a classic ejector nozzle for four days. During these four days, the customer had managed to clean 16 meters (53 feet) out of a total of 160 meters (530 feet) (2 pipes each 80 meters (265 feet)). BL SWIPER® was adapted by AquaTeq® Technical Advisor to the customer's jetting truck and within 1.5 hours BL SWIPER® had cleaned 10 meters (33 feet). See video here

Contact us for more information and discuss how we can adapt BL SWIPER® to your jetting truck and your cleaning projects.

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