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Public announcement

Public announcement

Dear customer,

We are pleased to announce that AquaTeq® has recently been acquired by enz®, a leading global manufacturer and supplier of high-quality cleaning tools for drain and industrial cleaning. enz® and AquaTeq® have a long history of cooperation. We at AquaTeq® have always strived to provide our customers with the best solutions and the best service in our industry. The change will mean that there will be a greater range of products in combination with high service and great knowledge, which is available from both AquaTeq® and enz® staff.

What does this mean to you?

On a day-to-day, it’s business as usual only now we have new resources and capabilities to continue driving value for you. We assure you that nothing will change, regarding quality, availability, and service that AquaTeq® are known to provide.

What does this mean for us at AquaTeq®?

We at AquaTeq® will continue to work with a wide range of efficient nozzles and cutters for pipe cleaning in all dimensions. Our strength is the combined experience and a larger product range within the group.

Our story continues…

The foundation of AquaTeq® was laid more than 40 years ago and the goal has always been to streamline, educate and contribute to a more efficient cleaning of pipes. Over the years, we have assisted our customers solving pipe cleaning challenges globally. This is and has also been enz® mission for many years. Joining forces with a company as passionate as enz® is what takes us into the next chapter in our history book. Stay tuned to see where our growth and innovation takes us and the industry from here.

We are here to serve!

We want to assure you that we will continue as usual, driven to make your work easier and more efficient. This commitment is stronger than ever during this exciting time.

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