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Industrial KBRV

Article number 2-050405


The maximum pressure rotating nozzles enz® are most efficient in cleaning the inside wall of pipes with a pressure up to 1000 bar. They are most appropriate to remove harder deposits from the pipe walls and are for tube and pipe cleaning.


  • Cleaning of heat exchangers in chemical and nuclear plants and for general industrial pipe cleaning

Technical Data

Article number
Pipe Dimension
Min. L/min at 100 bar
Rotating Jets
Length x Diameter
Bursting Pressure
2-050405 M24 x 1.5 42 - 55 mm 40 l/min 4 x M6 106 x 40 mm 0,70 kg 1000 bar
2-050505 M24 x 1.5 55 - 77 mm 40 l/min 4 x M6 121 x 50 mm 1,25 kg 1000 bar

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