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Accessories for MJ nozzles

Article number 2-55099007


The rotating enz® nozzle for cleaning surfaces is remarkable for its high efficiency. It outperformers conventional flat jet or round jet nozzles with a large margin.


  • To remove deposits of concrete-slurry, cleaning of store fronts, steps, walls, traffic signboards etc.

Additional info

  • Other thread types are available on request.
  • The MJ4ST can accommodate water temperatures of up to 150°C.

Technical Data

Article number
2-55099007 0,02 kg Repair Kit for MJ 4 & MJ 6
2-55099007ST 0,02 kg Repair Kit for MJ 4 ST
2-55099006 0,05 kg Repair Kit for MJ 1, MJ2, MJ 3 & MJ 25

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