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C-RAY® 400

Article number 2-11860-C05-xx


Customer that was using our JAWS®nozzle asked us to develop a bottom cleaning nozzle with the same technology and quality as the JAWS®. The result was the C-RAY®400. The C-RAY®400 is made in quality stainless steel with the same water directing technology inside for the most effective debris moving power.

A bottom cleaning nozzle is to prefer when pipe is somewhat larger, and the debris is mainly in the bottom of the pipe.

C-RAY®400 operate effectively, depending on available water pump capacity, from 400 mm pipes up to 2500 mm (15”- 100”). It is supplied with 8 rear jets and, if necessary, a front jet. Many bottom cleaners have more rear jets than this but with our background as pipe cleaners and the investigations we have taken part in, we know that it is better to have fewer jets with more power than many with less. This is easy mathematics calculation the diameter of each jet. Comparing a 2 mm jet with a 4 mm jet, the 4 mm jet is four times as thick and four times as strong.

Each C-RAY®400 is delivered with a quality harden stainless steel swivel, which purpose is to capture the movement of the hose and make sure the nozzle is correct positioned in pipe.

To learn more contact us at AquaTeq® or our distributors.

Technical Data

Article number
Pipe Dimension
Min. L/min at 100 bar
Rear Jets
Front Jets
Length x Diameter
Max Pressure
2-11860-C05-xx 3/4″ 400 – 1500 mm (16″ – 60″) 190 l/min (50 US GPM) 8 x 1/8″ 1 x 1/8″ 580 x 200 x 195 mm 21,6 kg No 250 Bar (3625 PSI)
2-11860-C06-xx 1″ 400 – 1800 mm (16″ – 72″) 190 l/min (50 US GPM) 8 x 1/8″ 1 x 1/8″ 580 x 200 x 195 mm 21,6 kg No 250 Bar (3625 PSI)
2-11860-C07-xx 1 1/4″ 400 – 2000 mm (16″ – 80″) 190 l/min (50 US GPM) 8 x 1/8″ 1 x 1/8″ 565 x 200 x 195 mm 21,45 kg No 250 Bar (3625 PSI)

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