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Tier 4 - AquaTeq® High-End

1983 Malmö Municipality in Sweden got a contribution from The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency to perform scientific tests to set fort what was the important factors when it comes to cost efficient pipe cleaning.

One of the founders of AquaTeq®, Bo Larsson, who was a close friend and speaking partner with Malmö, was invited to participate.

Two pipes were built above ground with lengths of 80 meters in the size of 225 mm (9”) and 400 mm (16”). For each test the lines where field with 400 kg sand, gravel and stones divided over the length of the pipe. Different nozzles were borrowed from all over Europe to determine if the nozzle design had an impact on the cleaning time and total water consumption.

This was the first time the Tier 4 - AquaTeq® High-End design was introduced and tested. The JAWS® was born.

AquaTeq® High-End cleaning nozzles have an advanced water conductive design and are equipped with replaceable jet orifices for easy adaptation to different pump capacities. Compared with Tier 3 - High Efficient, Tier 4 - AquaTeq® High-End nozzles have double efficiency in terms of both total water consumption and time used. This will greatly affect overall fuel consumption and environmental impact.

The JAWS®nozzle has been the no. 1 cleaning nozzle worldwide for many years since the live test. The past 10-15 years we have added the JAWS®RC, BL SWIPER®, C-RAY®, MANTA® and will shortly introduce the SWEAGLE® in the Tier 4 group of nozzles.

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