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Magnetic Lid Opener

Article number 6-1510040


The magnetic lid opener is easy to use and the
optimal lifting tool for smaller lids. The sharp
Neodymium magnet firmly attaches to the lid. The
smart design makes it easy to release the tool from
lid and works on all magnetic surfaces.

Technical data:
• Length (folded): 46 cm.
• Length (fully extended): 75 cm.
• Holding force: 490 kg / 1000 kg (plain metal).
• Handle lids up to 600 mm (24″).
• Not designed for lifting grates.

Technical data

Holding force plain metal 490 kg
Length x diameter 460 - 750 mm
Weight 3 kg
Holding force plain metal 1000 kg
Length x diameter 525 - 851 mm
Weight 6 kg

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