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Article number 11-1550075


By using the ejector in combination with a suction unit, the field of operation and the capacity can increase. The ejector either runs by water or air.

When using water a maximum lifting height of 20 meters (65 feet) can be reached, in combination with a suction unit. This figure is of course dependent of the capacity of the high pressure water pump, the compressor and the weight of material to be lifted. When using air (separate compressor) instead of water, a maximal height of approx. 13 meters (40 feet) can be reached. For maximal lift height and effectiveness the mounting of the ejector shall be as close as possible to the material to be lifted.

• Made in stainless steel.
• Available with 3″ and 4″ connection.
• Exchangeable jets for easy adaption to different flows.
• Threaded connections for suitable coupling.

Technical Data

Article number
Length x Diameter
11-1550075 S: 3″, W: 1″ 290 mm 7,5 kg No
11-1550100 S: 4″, W: 1 1/4″ 300 mm 10 kg No

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