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Hand Nozzle

Article number 2-11305-HH-xx


Our Hand Nozzles are the optimum tool for easy and fast cleaning of surfaces, manholes etc.

The Hand Nozzles are made of quality stainless steel with a knurled grip for safety. Four different versions are available:

1. Hand Nozzle with replaceable jet orifice supplying a round water jet.
2. Hand Nozzle with replaceable jet orifice supplying an angled water jet.
3. Hand Nozzle with a firm 7 mm round water jet, suitable for 1” hose connection.
4. Hand Nozzle with a plastic grip suitable for hot water.

The Hand Nozzles with replaceable jet orifices gives a possibility to regulate pressure and water flow to your needs and to the pump capacity.

The jets are made in harden stainless steel or, for the round jet version also an option of ceramic stainless steel.

The hand nozzles are only intended to be used at low pressures, due to safety.

Technical Data

Article number
Min. L/min at 100 bar
Front Jets
Length x Diameter
Max Pressure
2-11305-HH-xx 1/2" - 1 x 1/8" 150 x 30 mm 0,7 kg Yes 150 bar (2000 psi)
2-11305-HHM-xx 1/2" - 1 x 1/4" NPT 150 x 30 mm 0,7 kg No 150 bar (2000 psi)
2-11305-HHS-C06 1" 230 l/min (60 US GPM) 1 x 7 mm 190 x 44 mm 0,9 kg No 150 bar (2000 psi)

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