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MaxP™ Pressure reducer (5-30 BAR / 72-435 PSI)

Article number 6-111005


The MaxP™ PRESSURE REDUCER is designed to allow controlled pressure testing of e.g. district heating systems, pressure drainages or when cleaning systems with a limited pressure allowance. The pressure Reducer ensures a certain pressure into the system even when using a powerful jetting unit.

The Pressure Reducer can be connected to a jetting unit that max supplies a water flow of 450 l/min (120 GPM) or 330 bar (4750 PSI) pressure.

• Cover: Stainless steel.
• Max pressure (in): 330 Bar / 4750 PSI.
• Max flow (in): 450 l/min / 120 GPM.
• Selectable pressure (out): 5–30 Bar / 72–435 PSI.
• Easy to return excess water to water tank on truck.

Description of function:
The MaxP™ Pressure Reducer let through full water flow until preset pressure is reached (5–30 bar / 72-435 PSI). Then a valve opens automatically and releases excess water / pressure.

The released water can be returned to the water tank on the jetting unit by connecting a hose between the Pressure reducer and the inlet of the
water tank.

On the Pressure Reducer, a valve can be manually closed once the system is filled with water, allowing the jetting unit to be disconnected but keeping the pressure into the system to be tested. The pressure is easily read on a pressure gauge mounted on the Pressure Reducer, for easy monitoring of any pressure changes.

Technical Data

Article number
Water flow
Length x Diameter
Bursting Pressure
6-111005 118 US GPM (450 l/min) 400 x 250 x 440 mm 30 kg 4786 PSI (330 bar) Adjustable out pressure 5 - 30 bar. 1 1/4" Thread connection inlet, 1" thread connection outlet.

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