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Sleds LJ175

Article number LJ075-S06


You can always supplement your cutter with skids not included in your start package and as well as replacing worn skids. If adding a new sled size to your LUMBERJACK®LJ175 the proper cutting link also needs to be added. The sleds for LJ175 are firm and made of welded hardox material to handle the power of the cutter. Sled sizes are available for pipe diameters 150mm, 200mm, 225mm, 250mm and 300mm (6”,8”,9”,10” and 12”) for the LJ175.

Technical Data

Article number
Pipe Dimension
LJ075-S06 150 mm (6″)
LJ-SP040 200 mm (8″)
LJ-SP038 225 mm (9″)
LJ-SP044 250 mm (10″)
LJ-SP045 300 mm (12″)

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