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Spare Parts LJ050

Article number LJ050-SP01


Our LUMBERJACK®cutters are known for their quality and high efficiency. The quality includes not only long service lifetime but also low maintenance need and general service costs.

The LUMBERJACK®LJ050 Spare Parts and Accessories are sorted in three easy to find sections:

Section Spare Parts include service kit, front knife, thrusters, chain plate, front plate, front brushes, and brush sleds. The Service kit include all general parts for the service. If you have a need of diffuser,  turbine or other major parts, please contact us at AquaTeq® or our authorized distributors for more information. We are happy to assist you with the service.

Section Sleds LJ050 include all sled sizes available for LJ050.

Section Hardox reinforced cutting chain LJ050 you find all available cutting chains for LJ050.

Never run LUMBERJACK® with incorrect size sled or longer chain than is called for.

If LUMBERJACK® cutter seems to work at a lower speed than normal or has difficulties increasing the rpm, some of the jets may be blocked. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice and instructions.

If LUMBERJACK® cutter rotates heavy when spinning by hand, it is time to service the cutter. The Service kit include all general parts needed for the average service.

You are always welcome to contact us with any questions and/or suggestions for improvements.

Technical Data

Article number
Pipe Dimension
LJ050-SP01 - Thruster 1/2″, no jets
LJ-SP033 - Thruster 3/4″, no jets
LJ050-SP05A - Chain plate
LJ050-SP05B - Front plate
LJ050-SP07A - Front knife
LJ050-SP07A-C - Carbide Front knife
LJ050-CB04 100 mm Front brush
LJ050-SB05 125 mm Brush sled
LJ050-SB06 150 mm Brush sled
LJ050-SK - Service kit

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