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AquaTeq ® Stand for Flexibility and Speed

AquaTeq ® Stand for Flexibility and Speed

The past year have been more than different but we at AquaTeq® have not been standing still. To act on change with flexibility and speed is in our DNA. We want to give our customers superior value with a "By your side" spirit. To put our customers first, with engagement and responsibility, is our most fundamental part of conducting business and to constantly create and provide superior value and adapting our business to the needs of our customers.
The past year with the travel restrictions have given us the time to finish and launch our new website for AquaTeq® ( We have also established our own daughter company in the USA,, located in Illinois, to enable us to serve our customers in the way they deserve and should expect, in both USA and Canada.

Many exciting new products (e g our new Hose Reel, Chisel Nozzle, and a new variant of the GOBLIN® (0° + 5°) have been launched. In autumn of 2021 we will launch our new ejector nozzle – SWEAGLE.

We are happy to assist you with any technical or product related question you might have.
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