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Suction ejectors

The function of an ejector is based on using an assisting medium at a high speed that creates a negative pressure which drags material along. The most common media used in our industry are water and air.

The water can be pressurized using a High-Pressure water pump and this creates a high-speed flow that creates the desired negative pressure. When using an air compressor, you will not reach the same high pressure as with a water pump, but in return the air expands leaving the ejector nozzle.

Suction ejectors are used to shorten suction time emptying large spaces holding sand, sludge, and other heavier material. They are also used to increase the possible lifting height. An ordinary compressor can lift material about 7 meters (25 ft), theoretically. Normally, the use of an ejector in combination with an air compressor, create a total lifting height of approx. 13 meters (45 ft) and up to 20 meters (65 ft) using pressurized water.

AquaTeq® has a variety of suction ejectors suitable for suction hoses 1 ¼” up to 4”.

See all standard versions here + our mini version.


Cleaning Nozzles with Ejector action/Ejectors

We at AquaTeq® have our patented cleaning nozzles with ejector action/ejectors; BL SWIPER® and SWEAGLE®. When the BL SWIPER® was introduced to the market, the efficiency of this cleaning nozzles revolutionized the industry with its ingenious design. The BL SWIPER® nozzle was originally conceived as an air ejector at low to medium water levels in the pipe. It quickly turned out that you could also clean pipes extremely efficient also at a high-water level by using higher pressures than the normal recommended operating pressure of 40 - 60 bar (600-900 PSI) at the BL SWIPER®.

BL SWIPER® has a big advantage compared to a "standard" ejector nozzle. A standard ejector nozzle has zero degrees on the water jets mounted inside an or alternative two pipes, which creates a good ejector action. The disadvantage is that none of the water jets can reach the sediment on the sides of the pipe, so this normally remains after cleaning.

BL SWIPER® is available in a variety of variants for pipe dimensions 100 – 1200 (1500) mm (4”-48” (60”)).

This year we launched SWEAGLE®. SWEAGLE® has three built-in "real" ejectors. It has drastically increased the efficiency of the cleaning nozzle used under water with as low pressure at the SWEAGLE® as 60 bar (900PSI) (for BL SWIPER® +100 Bar (+1500PSI)). SWEAGLE® also works with an elevated level of efficiency in "dry" pipes or pipes with low water level using the same low operating working pressure as in waterfilled pipes. The angle of the water jets also cleans the sides of the pipe. If you are interested in a demo - get in touch!

Thanks to the revolutionary external and internal design of booth the BL SWIPER® and SWEAGLE®, with extreme high efficiency, they are assisting many of our satisfied customers saving time, water and a lot of diesel. There are documented cases where diesel consumption has been reduced from 55 liters (15GPM) of diesel per hour to 35 liters (less than 10 GPM) per hour with increased efficiency! We are talking environmental considerations and BIG SAVINGS!

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