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Soon Christmas is here and it's time to go sleighing!

Soon Christmas is here and it's time to go sleighing!

It is not common to mount a cleaning nozzle in a wear body or sled when cleaning sewer or storm pipes. Today jetting trucks and cleaning nozzles are more effective than before and many operators believe they do not need to use a wear body or sled.

Regardless of the cleaning nozzle used, whether the nozzle is of poor design or a very efficient design, the cleaning effect increases with up to 50 % when nozzle is mounted on a sled (skid) or is lifted from the bottom with the help from a wear body. Efficiency increases and costs decreases by saving both water and diesel. In addition, the time required to clean each pipe, is reduced. Simple math!

Why does a cleaning nozzle operate much more effective when lifted from the bottom of the pipe? By lifting any cleaning nozzle up from pipe bottom the water jets travel further behind the nozzle. Longer and stronger water jets move debris faster and further by increasing the water velocity in pipe. All together this will result in more material moved in fewer passes. It may also decrease need of step cleaning. Longer water jets also distance the material in pipe further behind the cleaning nozzle, which minimize the risk of nozzle leaving material behind in pipe.

Lifting any cleaning nozzle from the bottom of the pipe using a sled or wear body also allow lower jet angles. More effective cleaning nozzles ‘(Tier 3 and Tier 4) are in most cases able to throw strong water jets all the way out to pipe wall, meaning no material is left behind, even in larger pipes. Lower jet angles increase the speed of the water in pipe more effective than nozzles with higher jet angles. Same physical laws as travelling to the moon. You will never reach the moon if the jet beam leaves the rocket at a high angle. Low jet angles also increase the thrusting capacity of the cleaning nozzle, saving time, water, and diesel.  


“Mounting any cleaning nozzle in a sled or in a wear body increases the cleaning effect by up to 50%, compared with same nozzle positioned at the bottom of the pipe.”

JAWS® cleaning nozzle should always be mounted in a sled, but also JAWS®RC, Grenades/Bombs, rotating nozzles* and slow rotating nozzles* are suitable for mounting in a sled.

* A sled for a rotating nozzle, fast or slow, should preferably be mounted behind the nozzle to avoid damaging the sled runners from the waterpower.

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