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Tier 2 - Standard w/ Jets

Tier 2 pipe cleaning (storm, sewer) nozzles have no internal water conducting design but are equipped with replaceable jet orifices for easy adaptation to different pump capacities and improved water stream.

The interior design of a Tier 2 nozzle is a hollow chamber with no water directing design, same as Tier 1. Correctly designed replaceable jet inserts improve the performance and makes it easier to adapt the nozzles to different pump capacities. The nozzle itself create more turbulence than the water has arriving to nozzle through the hose. With jet inserts of good design, the pressure drop in the nozzle is around 20-30%.

Tier 2 types of nozzles are normally called standard nozzles and the thrusting jets are normally angled between 10-40 degrees from the cleaning hose inlet. Many Tier 2 nozzles are supplied with one or more front jets. The front jets can easily be plugged.

The standard nozzles are also very common nozzles on the market.

The investment of jetting vans/trucks or combination units are great. To create cleaning force - water under pressure - costs wear and tear of jetting unit, as well as high diesel costs. To choose a Tier 2 nozzle for advanced pipe cleaning is therefore a bad investment.

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